Dr. Beena S. Peters
2019-2021 President, Knanaya Catholic Women’s Forum of North America (KCWFNA)

It is with great anticipation and excitement that I welcome each of you to the 2019-2021 Knanaya Catholic Women’s Forum of North America (KCWFNA). I am truly honored to lead the strong, smart, and passionate women of our community as the 6th KCWFNA President. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity for our organization to grow under the guiding principle: “Women Empowering Women”.

KCWFNA has been a platform for women to organize and strengthen their value in the Knanaya community. As we look forward to the next two years, I hope to reinforce our connection with all Knanaya women throughout North America. The local Women’s Forum units bring an important perspective to the Knanaya community. I see these coming years as an opportunity for all Knanaya women to come together to strengthen and shape the future of the Knanaya Catholic community. In order to strengthen the structure of the organization, we need all local Women’s Forum units to take an active role in supporting local and National activities.
Next two years, the KCWFNA will strive to establish a community of women who empower each other to succeed. In this environment, we can take our organization to new heights and achieve our goals, which include the following:

    • Share knowledge and expertise and provide leadership roles from the women’s perspective with KCCNA.
    • Support members in the challenging task of assimilating to the culture in North America
    • Bridge the gap between women of all ages
    • Promote career advancement, networking, and leadership
    • Encourage women to seek help when facing hardship or abuse
    • Instill the Knanaya culture and values in our children
    • Organize gatherings for all members of KCWFNA to maintain unity at the National level
    • Establish the growth of local units wherever needed
    • Award scholarships, medals, stipends, and educational resources to deserving candidates/organizations

Thank you for placing your trust in me and affording me this incredible opportunity to serve as your President. I am excited about the road ahead of us and I look forward to working together to advance our organization.