Historically Knanaya migrations (migration to Kodungallore and migration to Malabar), were lead by Clergy and Laity Durirg the second half of the 20th century a migration to different parts of USA and Canada occurred. The latest migration was led by nurses who came to North America individually in groups.Because of their dedication to their families, these nurses played a key role in building the North American Knanaya community. A few decades later, the Knanaya Catholic Community requested for priests from India to serve this community.

The members throughout North America joined and conducted a very successful and historical first North American Knanaya Catholic Convention in July 1986, under the leadership of Mr. Thomas Mulackal and hosted by the New York Association. Following the tremendous success of the first convention. the members realized the need and importance of forming a National Association of the Knanaya Catholics in North America. The first Executive committee of the Knanaya Catholic Coryess of North America (KCCNA) was formed in August 1988. KCCNA is a federation of the Knanaya Catholic Associations in north America. KCCNA is a lay organization that strives to maintain and promote the Knanaya culture. traditions.and heritage.

Over the years, as the community grew rapidly, the Women’s Fourm ‘KCWFNA’ . was formed as a sub organization of KCCNA in 2006 with the theme ‘Women Empowering Women’. Women’s forum was established for women of the community to come to share and lead in the growth of the community.

The first summit

The first Summit of the KCWFNA was convened in Las Vegas. NJevada in 2017, under the leadership of Mrs. Smitha Vett’.parapputhu,the then president of KCWFNA from Los Aryeles,California and the General Secretary. Dr. Divya Vallippadavil from Houston & their team.


The first KCWFNA website “kcwfna.com” was initiated by President Dr. Beena Indikuzhy from Chicago & her team. It was published in April, 2019. It is currently beirg managed by the General Secretary, Liby Chacko from LasVegas, who will be overseeiry it till the end of their term. Please email “kcwfnasec@gmail.com” with any KCWFNA related events to be added to the website.